Karma & Dharma by Mike Booth

Admin/ July 15, 2020/ Rainbow

(a transcript from teacher’s 2 in Thailand, November 2002) As part of the introduction to the teacher’s 2 course, Mike discussed the phrase ‘you are the colours you choose’ and its significance within Aura-Soma from the perspective of Karma and Dharma. Several of the teachers requested that it be printed in the newsletter, saying that they found it a very

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2009年7月29日 The SourceAsia

Admin/ July 29, 2009/ Rainbow

A Colourful Window to Your Soul   What can a little bottle of coloured water tell you? You will be surprised! The detailed information and clues about specific areas in your life can be highly transformational. You can receive clear guidance on certain topics that you have left untouched but need to be addressed. The system offers you a simple and

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